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The American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM) is the medical specialty society representing physicians practicing in the field of pain medicine. As a medical specialty society, the Academy is involved in education, training, advocacy, and research in the specialty of pain medicine.

The practice of pain medicine is multi-disciplinary in approach, incorporating modalities from various specialties to ensure the comprehensive evaluation and treatment of the pain patient. AAPM represents the diverse scope of the field through membership from a variety of origins, including such specialties as anesthesiology, internal medicine, neurology, neurological surgery, orthopedic surgery, physiatry, and psychiatry.

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AAPM Foundation
AAPM FoundationThe Foundation’s purpose is to advocate for "patient safety" by providing funding support to expand and enhance research and education, and advocating for improved training and credentialing as a way to advance pain management.

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Latest Pain News

AAPM Response to Senator McCaskill Report
February 13, 2018 [Source: AAPM]

AAPM Advocating for You and the Specialty of Pain Medicine: 2017 Advocacy Year in Review
January 30, 2017 [Source: AAPM]

AAPM Joins AMA "Share Your Story" Campaign
February 6, 2018 [Source: AMA]

SLU Research: Opioid Cessation May Be More Successful When Depression Is Treated
February 5, 2018 [Source: Saint Louis University]

Final Order: Neurological Devices; Classification of the Percutaneous Nerve Stimulator for Substance Use Disorders
February 5, 2018 [Source: Federal Register/ Vol. 83, No. 24]

Length of Opioid Prescription, Number of Refills Spell Highest Risk for Misuse after Surgery
January 18, 2018 [Source: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center]

Default Setting in Electronic Medical Records 'Nudged' Emergency Department Physicians to Limit Opioid Prescriptions to 10 Tablets
January 18, 2018 [Source: University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine]

Researchers Devise Decoy Molecule to Block Pain Where It Starts
January 16, 2018 [Source: University of Texas Dallas]

CDC Guideline Not Meant to Apply to Dosing of Opioid Agonists/Partial Agonists Used for the Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder
January 9, 2017 [Source: AMA Opioid Task Force]

Scientists Take a Big Step toward Building a Better Opioid
January 4, 2018 [Source: University of North Carolina School of Medicine]

The Use of Stem Cell Therapy to Reverse Opioid Tolerance
December 29, 2017 [Source: Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics]

New Vaccine Technology Shows Promise as a Tool to Combat the Opioid Crisis
December 18, 2017 [Source: The U.S. Military HIV Research Program (MHRP)]

Genetics May Play Role in Chronic Pain after Surgery
December 14, 2017 [Source: American Society of Anesthesiologists]

Gene Mutation Causes Low Sensitivity to Pain
December 14, 2017 [Source: University College London]

Exposure to Terror May Increase Risk of Migraine, Other Headaches
December 13, 2017 [Source: American Academy of Neurology]

Experts Identify Management Strategies for Concerning Behaviors That Arise when Taking Opioids for Chronic Pain
December 11, 2017 [Source: UPMC/University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences]

Acupuncture Reduces Breast Cancer Joint Pain
December 7, 2017 [Source: SWOG]

Tackling Lower Back Pain and Joint Degeneration through Research
December 6, 2017 [Source: University of California, San Francisco]

These Surgeons Cut Opioid Prescriptions Dramatically, With No Increase in Pain
December 6, 2017 [Source: Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan]

AAPM Supports Coverage for Interventional Procedures
November 21, 2017 [Source: AAPM]

AAPM Contributes to AUC for Fluoroscopically-Guided SI
November 2017 [Source: Pain Medicine]

'Negative Emotions' Linked to Higher Rates of Opioid Use in Sickle Cell Disease
November 27, 2017 [Source: Johns Hopkins Medicine]

Scientists Reveal New Avenue for Drug Treatment in Neuropathic Pain
November 24, 2017 [Source: King’s College London]

Why Head and Face Pain Causes more Suffering
November 13, 2017 [Source: Duke University]

New Study Aims to Reduce Opioid Use While Managing Chronic Pain
November 9, 2017 [Source: UNC Healthcare]

AAPM Submits Comments to the FDA in Response to the Citizen’s Petition on Ultra High Dose Opioids
November 2, 2017 [Source: AAPM]

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