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The American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM) is the medical specialty society representing physicians practicing in the field of pain medicine. As a medical specialty society, the Academy is involved in education, training, advocacy, and research in the specialty of pain medicine.

The practice of pain medicine is multi-disciplinary in approach, incorporating modalities from various specialties to ensure the comprehensive evaluation and treatment of the pain patient. AAPM represents the diverse scope of the field through membership from a variety of origins, including such specialties as anesthesiology, internal medicine, neurology, neurological surgery, orthopedic surgery, physiatry, and psychiatry.

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AAPM FoundationThe Foundation’s purpose is to advocate for "patient safety" by providing funding support to expand and enhance research and education, and advocating for improved training and credentialing as a way to advance pain management.

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Latest Pain News

HHS Finalizes Streamlined Medicare Payment System that Rewards Clinicians for Quality Patient Care
October 14, 2016 [Source: HHS]

Sleep is Key to Curing Chronic Pain
September 21, 2016 [Source: University of Warwick, U.K.]

Study Finds a Key to Nerve Regeneration
September 13, 2016 [Source: University of Wisconsin–Madison]

Prescription Opioid and Heroin Epidemic Awareness Week, September 18-24, 2016
September 16, 2016 [Source: The White House]

FDA MedWatch - Drug Safety Labeling Changes (SLC) Program Now Available in New, Real-Time User-Friendly Format
September 1, 2016 [Source: FDA]

Scientists Report on Safe, Non-addictive Opioid Analgesic in Animal Model
August 29, 2016 [Source: Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center]

Acupuncture May Yield Pain Relief for Children Who have Complex Medical Conditions
August 29, 2016 [Source: Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare]

Breakthrough Study Discovers Mechanism of Morphine Tolerance
August 18, 2016 [Source: Georgia State University]

Compound Kills Pain as Well as Morphine but May Lack Overdose Risk
August 17, 2016 [Source: Stanford Medicine]

AAPM Releases New Guideline: Methadone for Pain Management, Improving Clinical Decision Making
August 17, 2016 [Source: AAPM]

Targeting Brain Cells to Alleviate Neuropathic Pain
August 8, 2016 [Source: Rutgers University]

Neurosurgery Makes Pain Management Curricular Breakthroughs
August 2, 2016 [Source: AMA Wire]

Patients Seek Out Alternatives to Opioids in Treatment of Chronic Pain
August 1, 2016 [Source: NPR]

'Pain Paradox' Discovery Provides Route to New Drugs
July 28, 2016 [Source: University of Leeds, U.K.]

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Flare-ups Caused by Straining Muscles and Nerves
July 18, 2016 [Source: University of Alabama, Birmingham]

Stem Cells Engineered to Grow Cartilage, Fight Inflammation
July 18, 2016 [Source: Washington University School of Medicine]

New Research Shows Combining Two Drugs Used to Treat Fibromyalgia Improves Patient Outcomes
July 13, 2016 [Source: Queen's University, UK]

Perspective: Equality Need Not be Painful
July 13, 2016 [Source: Nature]

Cutting Nerves during Breast Cancer Surgery is Associated with Chronic Pain
July 11, 2016 [Source: McMaster University]

New Treatment Gives Hope to Arachnoiditis Patients
July 9, 2016 [Source: Pain Network Newsletter]

A Long, Slow Ouch
June 28, 2016 [Source: University of Florida]

IU Study: 'Smoke Alarm' One of 36 Genes Newly Found to Play Role in Pain Sensation
June 23, 2016 [Source: Indiana University]

Large-Scale Genetic Study Provides New Insight into the Causes of Migraine
June 23, 2016 [Source: University of Helsinki]

Texas A&M College of Dentistry Researcher Uses Revolutionary Technique to Reduce Orofacial Pain
June 22, 2016 [Source: Texas A&M University]

Americans Spent 30.2 Billion Out-Of-Pocket on Complementary Health Approaches
June 22, 2016 [Source: NIH]

Rates of Nonmedical Prescription Opioid Use and Opioid Use Disorder Double in 10 Years
June 22, 2016 [Source: National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA]

Researchers Explore Epigenetic Influences of Chronic Pain
June 21, 2016 [Source: Drexel University]

Long-Term Opioids May Not Be Best Pain Management Option for All Sickle Cell Patients
June 20, 2016 [Source: John Hopkins Medicine]

Lecture: Fibromyalgia Integrative Training for Teens (FIT Teens): Development of a Novel Non-Pharmacologic Treatment for Juvenile Fibromyalgia
Held June 6, 2016 [Source: NCCIH Integrative Medicine]

Scientists Discover and Test New Class of Pain Relievers
June 1, 2016 [Source: Duke University]

Neuropathic Pain Unmasks Subliminal Excitation in Pain Processing Circuits
June 1, 2016 [Source: Canadian Association for Neuroscience]

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